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Are lift chairs good for the elderly?

Lift chairs are an excellent tool for assisting the elderly in maintaining their independence and living a high-quality life as they age. Lift chairs help the elderly get up and down independently, as it allows them to control the chair and get up without having to ask for assistance every time.

How lift chairs work

The chair lifts from its base and gently rises into the air in a tilted forward arcing motion when the remote is activated. If the user is seated in the chair, the upward arcing motion makes standing up considerably easier, as the chair glides up and out softly. 


If the user is standing and wishes to sit in the chair, pressing the remote causes the chair to rise and arc forward, allowing the user to lean on the chair,  gently leading him or her into a sitting posture. The lift chair transforms into a motorised recliner once the user is seated and can be moved into various reclining positions by using the remote control.

Benefits of lift chairs for the elderly

Home carers can focus on other tasks

A lift chair allows carers to focus on other activities since they don’t need to be by the patient’s side. Elderly patients can adjust the chair themselves and can stay in their chair if needing a nap, reducing the need for their carer. An older caregiver for an elderly patient is less likely to be hurt when moving or elevating the patient since the lift chair can adjust the position for them.

Easy to transition between sitting and seating

Transitioning from sitting to standing might be difficult for the elderly due to balance or movement issues. With a lift chair, an elderly person can find it easier to sit and stand.

Comfortable to sit and sleep in

Lift chairs provide a variety of positions so some elderly people choose to sleep in them rather than in their beds. A lift chair is ideal for older people who need to raise their legs when sitting or sleeping. The majority of lift chair models can recline flat while also adjusting to the perfect angle and height. This guarantees that the user is as comfortable as possible whether sitting or sleeping.

Can help recover from surgery

Lift chairs can be used by the elderly who have had an arm, knee, hip, or shoulder replacement surgery. Anyone who has restricted movement in their arms, shoulders, or other joints for a lengthy period of time can discover the most comfortable posture and sleeping angle for their rehabilitation.

Looking for the right lift chair?


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