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Are recliners bad for your back?

Recliners can be very comfortable after a long day and you want to sit back and relax. However, some people may notice some pain in their lower back after sitting in a recliner. While recliners are not bad for your back, having incorrect lumbar support might cause discomfort for you. 

Slouching in a recliner can cause back pains

If you slouch or stoop when you sit, your recliner chair is probably not providing adequate lumbar support (maintaining the natural curve of the spine). A deep gap between the seat and the back of your recliner may cause lower back pain over time. Check how your recliner feels after sitting on it for at least five minutes, fully reclined, so you can see how your back feels.

Finding a recliner with good lumbar support

To prevent back pain, you need to have a chair with the right width, depth and height to reduce strain on your back and neck. Luckily, rise and recline chairs can be made to measure. There are a variety of back types to select from, with some built specifically to provide extra support for the lower, mid, or upper back.

Want to know more about our rise and recline chairs?


Not to worry, see our range of riser and recliner chairs to find out more about the selection of chairs we have available. Our chairs are made to measure with a wide range of materials and optional extras to choose from.

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