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How to clean a soft leather recliner

Elegant and stylish, soft leather recliners can be a great addition to your home. It’s important to find the right way to clean and maintain soft leather’s look and durability. Cleaning a soft leather recliner is a simple task requiring some household items.

Remove debris around the recliner

Although leather is a delicate and soft material, it does not require a lot of your care so you can simply brush off any debris. Clean the recliner on a regular basis to prevent dust accumulating in the crevices. Use a vacuum cleaner to further clean the leather's surface. Attach a tiny head attachment to the vacuum cleaner hose to make it easier to get into tight spaces.

White vinegar and linseed oil for general cleaning

Combine one part white vinegar with two parts linseed oil, shake well, and apply to the leather with a soft cloth for general leather cleaning. Wipe the leather recliner on the backrest and work your way down. Wash the fabric in a mixture of water and vinegar at a certain temperature. To avoid soaking the couch, squeeze it tightly. You may need to buff it again before sitting on the recliner. Make sure there are no residues of soap on the material's surface.

Use vinegar and linseed oil to maintain shine

Dab a soft cloth in a vinegar and linseed oil mixture. Apply the mixture on the sofa carefully and move it around in small circular motions, allowing it to soak in for the night. The next day, wipe away any excess oil with a dry towel to restore the natural shine.


Keep the leather recliner dry

One of the most crucial steps is to keep the leather dry. Use a fully dry towel, preferably one that doesn't leave any lint behind. A hairdryer should not be used since it dehydrates the leather too much and damages it over time.

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