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How do recliner chairs work?

Recliners are quickly becoming one of the most popular chairs to pick from. They provide a great amount of rest and relaxation. Practical and aesthetically pleasing, recliner chairs can be used in a variety of places such as bedrooms, living rooms and hospitals. Knowing how a recliner chair works will allow you to understand its features and benefits.

How a recliner chair works

A recliner chair has a sturdy hardwood or plywood frame that is fitted with heavy-duty screws to allow it to recline easily over an extended period of time. The frame is strong enough to sustain a user's entire weight and range of motion.


A recliner chair’s arms are made up of distinct sections that are connected together with crossbars for extra stability. They're designed to work separately from the rest of the chair, allowing the chair to be pushed back and forth with ease.

Types of recliners and how they work

Electric recliner chair

Electric recliners use an electric motor to help you relax and reduce physical strain. The springs absorb the pressure applied by the user and then contracts to ease the chair backwards. The springs expand and return to their original position when the user gets out of the chair or leans forward.

Wall-hugger recliner chair

This type of chair is built on a track, so as you recline back, the chair glides forward. In other words, you're leaning away from the wall. A wall-hugging recliner's forward-gliding motor performs all the effort to save you room.

Power recliner chair

Power-lift recliner chairs include a lift mechanism that pulls the user from a flat sitting position to an upright angle, making it easy for the user to get out of them. These are ideal for the elderly and those who have medical issues.

Push-back recliner chair

A manual mechanism is used in push back recliners. These chairs are simple to operate using your legs: simply slide the seat back when you want to lie down and forward when you want to stand up.

Looking for a recliner chair to relax in?


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