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How can I fix scratches in a leather recliner?

Leather recliners have a lot of advantages. They are comfy, appealing, simple to clean and long-lasting. Even leather furniture, however, can develop scratches and markings over time. Fortunately, fixing much of the surface damage to a leather chair is quite straightforward and just requires a few common household items.

Using olive oil and a cotton rag

A cotton rag dipped in a couple of tablespoons of olive oil can help remove scratches in the leather by helping it bond and increase flexibility, preventing further damage.

Ironing a damp cloth


Ironing over a damp cloth on top of scratches can help raise the leather’s natural oils which can self-repair some minor scratches. It’s important to move the iron back and forth instead of leaving it in one place.

Shoe leather polish to hide the scratch


Rubbing a small amount of a matching colour shoe polish will help camouflage scratches. The polish will also bind the leather fibres together, creating a stronger fabric.

Want to know more about our leather recliners?


Not to worry, simply speak to our experienced team to find out more about the selection of leather recliners we have available. Our chairs are made to measure with a wide range of materials and optional extras to choose from.

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