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Frequently Asked Questions

At Charterhouse Mobility our aim is to provide a service as high quality as our products. Our highly trained and experienced team are available to answer any of your queries at any time. 
Why choose us?

We are a family run business that strives to deliver exceptional service, anything less is not acceptable. 

All of our furniture is made precisely to your measurements and specifications. We'll make the transition from your existing furniture to your new furniture as seamless and enjoyable as possible. 

Here are a few more reasons why you should choose Charterhouse Mobility:

We offer potentially the best Part-Exchange offer in our industry. Not only will we remove your old furniture, we allow you to offset the discount of your existing furniture directly against the cost of your new furniture. 

All of our demonstrators are all well vetted & have all received training from occupational therapists.

We have provided furniture for thousands of satisfied customers. 

We donate as much unwanted, old furniture as possible & proudly support local charities. 

Where are your products made? 

All of our chairs and beds are handmade here in the United Kingdom.

Why don’t you show prices on your website?

Each and every one of our products is different and as individual as you. 

Due to your needs being so unique, along with our huge range of fabrics, sizes and accessories, it is almost impossible to provide an accurate single price until we know exactly what your preferences are. 

This is why we operate no-obligation appointments with our expert home demonstrators team. 

They will take you through the options and help you choose something that perfectly suits your needs and leave you with an accurate price. 

There is absolutely no pressure or obligation to purchase there and then. 

Can I try before I buy?

Yes. If you would like to try out a riser recliner chair or adjustable bed, simply let us know and we will book you a home appointment with one of our expert home demonstrators. 

What will happen during my home appointment?

All of our home visits by our experts are, free, no pressure and absolutely no obligation to purchase 

Upon arrival, our expert home demonstrator will produce a demonstration chair or bed to try in the comfort of your own home. Guiding you through the options available, and showing you all the accessories and different fabrics & leathers we offer. 

We also take your measurements to ensure you choose the perfect size that is bespoke to you. 

Once you’re completely happy with your choices our expert home demonstrator will leave you with a fully customised quote for you to consider in your own time.

How does delivery and install work?

Once a convenient date and time has been agreed with you, our expert, ‘white glove’ delivery team will arrive, firstly removing any furniture that is to be taken away in part-exchange. They will then ask you where you would like your furniture to be placed. 

Bringing the chair or bed into your home, the team will unwrap it, and remove all packaging. Once in place and installed how you'd like it, the team will help you familiarise yourself with your new furniture and its controls. When you are satisfied that everything is as it should be, we will leave you to enjoy your new furniture. 

Read more about Delivery & Installation here:

What is your after sales service like?

We pride ourselves on the high quality product and after care service our customers receive and have built our reputation on it. 

Our dedicated team is here to answer any query you may have. 

In the unlikely event you experience a technical difficulty with a product, we have expert engineers on standby throughout the UK.

Do your products come with a warranty or guarantee?

At Charterhouse Mobility we measure our success by the happiness of our customers. We pride ourselves in the quality of our aftercare. That's why every single order comes with complete peace of mind that in the exceptionally rare instance that you encounter any issue with your furniture, we'll only be a phone call away and you can expect patience, expertise and above all else a keenness to help accommodate you in putting right any issue that you might have.

All of our furniture is covered by a comprehensive Warranty. We have expert engineers on standby throughout the UK and equipped to  swiftly resolve any potential issue that could occur during the warranty period of your chair or bed. However, a Charterhouse Mobility customer is always treated with the highest level of appreciation and courtesy. So while of course you're covered during the initial warranty period, we would always invite your call should you encounter any issue outside of your warranty and like always, we will endeavour to put things right. The initial appreciation for your business is never forgotten with us.

Are your products eligible for VAT exemption? 

Yes. Due to our products being able to help with potential disability and illness, you may be eligible to buy them without paying VAT providing you meet the requirements set out by HMRC. For more information, please go to

If you can't find the answer to your query please give us a call on 0800 080 3280
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