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VAT Exemption Eligibility

If you are disabled or have a long term illness, you won’t have to pay VAT on products that are designed or adapted for your own personal or domestic use. This includes all Charterhouse Mobility rise and recline chairs & adjustable beds.

How do I qualify for VAT Exemption?

  • You have a physical or mental impairment that affects your ability to carry out everyday activities.

  • You have a condition that’s treated as chronic sickness, like diabetes.

  • You’re terminally ill.

There are too many medical conditions to list here, but some of most common ones include arthritis, knee/hip replacement, COPD, fibromyalgia, and diabetes. For a full list, or to find out more, give us a call and speak to one of our advisors.

How do I apply?

For VAT Exemption on your purchase you need only to complete and sign our simple form at the point of purchase stating your name and address, the disability or long-term illness present and a declaration that you meet the necessary criteria.

No “proof of disability” or doctor’s note required and no certification to be shown.

As per GDPR data protection law and practice, all your personal and medical details collected are secure and confidential.

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