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What is a profiling bed?

A profiling bed is an adjustable bed designed for medical use. The bed has a mattress platform that has two to four sections that incline independently to create a rising backrest and knee break profile for more comfort. These types of beds are found in nursing homes, hospitals and patient homes. Whether electrically operated or manual, profiling beds help redistribute pressure for individuals.

Features of a profiling bed

Your knees, hips, back, neck, and head are all supported by the highly flexible profiling bed. The bed is designed to accommodate a range of patients, including the disabled, elderly, and obese.

Can easily be moved into different positions

Profiling beds have a two-four part mattress support system that allows you to change bed positions quickly and safely. For manual profiling, the bed's movement is controlled via a pump. Electric profiling is achieved by a bedside handset that can be operated by either the patient or care staff. Profiling beds can assist caregivers in reducing the likelihood of patients developing pressure ulcers.

Easy to get in and out of

Profiling beds are designed to be close to the ground which helps elderly patients get in and out of bed without assistance. Patients are less likely to hurt themselves if they do fall out of bed. To prevent falling, most profiling beds are compatible with bed rails and bumpers.

Knee brake to prevent slipping

The knee brake can be lifted to prevent the user from sliding down the bed. When the patient is sitting up, it also provides a more natural profiling stance. Adjusting the knee brake can improve circulation in the lower legs.

Want to know more about our profiling beds?

Speak to our experienced team to find out more about the selection of adjustable beds we have available. Our beds are made to measure with a wide range of materials and optional extras to choose from.

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